Effective responses and 
feedback through 

We see greater than 50% increase in Survey response rate when you reward your customers with Cash, points or even products


Incentivize your respondents

Making money online sounds too good to be true, But now it’s fast, easy and feasible to do so with Eventsurvey360. You can offer your participants to earn the rewards for their hard work.

Be it a cash or gift cards by accomplishing the survey you can provide them with crypto currency and credit points, which can then be redeemed. Does it sound intelligent? It is right! So why don’t you sign up for free with Eventsurvey360, which is simple and reliable. Experience it for yourself, there are no constraints so you can choose when you decide to create survey and to appreciate your particicpants with reward for taking a survey.

Streamlined Responses and Feedback

Through Eventsurvey360 you can reward your respondents when they provide valuable feedback for the survey questions/quizes and completing the them. By rewarding, the survey participants can provide the users with the more effective responses further which helps organizations to improve their products and services. EventSurvey360 users offers its participants with rewards, based on the criteria for winning the rewards (i.e. single or multiple winners) once they accomplish through their survey and quizzez. By doing so, the scope of participants taking part in the survey and quiz will increase which will in turn help organizations to get the collective feedback further which streamlines in the improvement of their product and services

Earn cash and other Rewards

Participants will be given the choice to earn cash, products, credit points and crypto by taking up surveys,quizzes and participating in the events and can simply earn the rewards. It’s easy to get started just fill out a survey form and you are on your way to become an Eventsurvey360 members.





Choose Winners

  • Choose Winners
    Every X
    (Hourly, Weekly, Daily, Monthly)

    (Eg 10 winners Daily)

  • Choose Winners

    X in X Participants

    (Eg 10 in 100)


  • Points


  • Cash


  • Products


Casinos feel of Winner Selection

Casinos feel of Winner Selection

Guaranteed distribution of Cash & Points

Guaranteed distribution of Cash & Points

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