Market competition

Gain deeper perceptions with Market competition

Explore on what your customers anticipate about your competition and find out whether you are leading your competitors by using our online surveys.

Understand your market and competitors

Are you desperate about expanding your business? Is your business left behind by the competition? Then look no further than Eventsurvey360. Now it’s time to expand your business with our professional market research surveys that help you collect feedback, gauge customer awareness, help developing new products and stay ahead in your firm.

You can also use the flexibility of customizing our well designed pre built templates for exploring about your competition.

Start building a perfect survey with our rich set of options to stay fair better than your competitors

Simple and user friendly look and feel of a survey

  • With our well structured surreys you can be specific on what questionnaire you need to provide to your targeted audience so that it will address their objectives by keeping the questions simple and avoiding ambiguous language.
  • For online and self-complete surveys wording and method are even more important because there is no questioner to help or support someone through difficult, confusing or unclear questions. Survey you are sending might reach some one experts or someone who will not know anything about the topic. So your questionnaire has to work for all the types so it has to be clear and jargon-free, trying to reflect the respondent's view.
  • With Eventsurvey360 you can experience a user friendly look and feel of a survey with an attractive visually appealing by using your own customizes themes and banners. You can navigate easily from one tab to another and a glance at your progress by using a progress bar.

By using our well designed surveys you achieve clear and precise information or feedback from your customers and understanding the key areas that needs to be improved further which will help to increase your profits and stay ahead of your competitors

Affordable pricing and cost effective

Our surveys help to explore what customers are ready to pay for a product or service, by doing so you can control the optimal price point to maximize profit, revenue, or market share. Eventsurvey360 comes up with an affordable annual or monthly subscription plans at low costs than other survey tools. Our monthly subscriptions plans at an organization level or individual level includes crafting unlimited surveys and responses, Choosing your own region specific languages, customized themes and logos of your own brand and much more. By using our using annual subscriptions (Enterprise and platinum plans) you can be offered 20% discounts on overall pricing and you can avail API integrations as well.

Does it sound good? Hurry up! Start using our surveys to get rid of emptying your pockets by paying more.

Stay secured with your data

Is your most concern is about how secure your online data is? Is your survey tool you are using is not providing you with the assurance of data security and from hacking? Switch to our online surveys where your data is encrypted and stored securely in our Amazon web server in US which offers reliable, scalable, and secure cloud computing services further helps from hacking of data.

Eventsurvey360 is certified to use Norton security scan on a regular basis from the online threats and virus attacks which in turn protects from crashing of all the important information.

Incentivize your customers for better engagement

Are you using a survey tool where you are not getting better insights from your customers and losing them? Are they not providing you feedback and just leaving? Stop worrying! You can gather the feedback from your customers by offering them with the rewards which encourages your customers to take your survey. By rewarding you can achieve a better response rates that will helps you to know your drawbacks further that help you to improve your business

Eventsurvey360 provides you with the flexibility of redeeming the points, cash and crypto currency in our website itself using Market place.

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