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From marketing professionals to corporations and teachers, all need help of quizzes to gather information. These help in evaluating individual skills, knowledge and capabilities of another person. In addition, they can also be used to streamline a way to create assessment for employees, students and clients and analyze them for various purposes.

With an easy to solve online quiz, the response rate increases that can help in the deliverance of unprejudiced data through a series of relevant questions. With our online quiz tool, you can easily make your own quizzes to provide certification, test user knowledge and much more.

Incredible features

Automated Grading

Eventsurvey360 can automatically mark and grade your assessments, saving you the time to concentrate on what's important.

Timed Quiz

It is easy to set a time limit or allow your users an unlimited amount of time to complete your quiz.

Custom Branding

Customize your quiz by adding your own branding with your organizations logo.

Customized Questions and Answers

All the information (Questions & answers) your users can view can be customized as per their organization standards.

Very Flexible

You can also set the number of questions per page or have all the questions on one page. You can also make your own quiz themes.

Self Grading for instant feedback

Display quiz results when a user finishes a quiz, so they know at a glance how they did.

Predefined Templates

Quiz takers can utilize the templates and can choose their appropriate category that they opt for, which is simple and easy.

It's now easy to make your own quiz for your users

You can easily create quiz for your user’s right from the scratch. Everything from Employment quiz to Fun based quiz.

Various Question Formats

You can have multiple choices (radio buttons), true and false, open answer question, drop down, multiple response (checkboxes), and fill in the blank, number, captcha that accept.

Sophiscated Reports

Eventsurvey360 can produce the amazing data that provide the users with the data they need to point out weak areas and implement changes. Eventsurvey360 utilizes the bar graphs and pie chart to quickly forecast the data your audience has submitted.

Multiple Applications

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Fun Based Quiz

With Eventsurvey360 it’s possible to follow up with existing customers online by sending them the fun quiz through social networking sites which goes viral. This in turn is helping in generating new leads.

Corporate training Quiz

It ensures that the employees understand the firm’s strategies, schemes and standards evaluating their effectiveness, and better demonstrating the value of complex training initiatives.

Education quiz for students

It provides a mechanism for teachers in such a way that when the student input the answer among the choice once it provides the automated scoring for the quiz taker.

Eventsurvey360 provides quiz takers a free login id and password where they can login and take up the quiz. Users can make their own custom quizzes or can use the predefined templates for creating a quiz.

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