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In built Templates


Are you planning to build an online survey quickly? Looking for some help? Not sure what questions to include in your questionnaire and require few suggestions? Our template list provides you with a great choice of pre-built questionnaires and sample surveys from which you can build a survey live in minutes which are faster and more efficient

When a new survey is created, Eventsurvey360 provides its users to start building a survey right from a scratch or select from a list of pre defined templates. A pre-built survey template is a set of pre-defined questions and answers, with a theme included.

With Eventsurvey360 you can speed up your work by using our template library. Templates are standardized layouts that enable you work faster while maintaining a consistent design and content. If there are few questions that you frequently use in your surveys you can deploy them on a survey template and you can add additional questions, edit questions, remove questions. Below are the pre built templates and sample survey list.

Questionnaire Template List

  • Children Template
  • Faculty Template
  • Student Template
  • Child Behavior Template
  • K-12 Teacher Feedback survey Template
  • Learning support survey Template
  • Parent Engagement survey Template
  • Employee benefits Template
  • Fundraisers and Non profits
  • Event Survey Example and templates –General event feedback template
  • Professional event Feedback template
  • Gathering donor feedback
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