Incredible intuition through
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Automate your tasks. Integrate with Eventsurvey360 with your CRM data and any other applications.

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Eventsurvey360 integrations

Surveys are most significant marketing tools that enable you to improve your business. By sending out survey to a targeted audience you can receive the effective responses from specific group of people that will improve your products and services. Today there are many applications for creating survey.Eventsurvey360 is one such intuitive and simple Tool to create and send survey to your contacts easily.

Eventsurvey360 APIs is the perfect enterprise integration software that helps you integrate your online survey data with other systems like CRM, web analytics etc. To use our API you must have an account with Eventsurvey360 and it is applicable for Enterprise packages.

Incredible intuition through integrations

Eventsurvey360 provides simple integration with any application or tool. With our solution it’s possible to collect feedback or send automated surveys to your customers, automate reports collection and swap extra information to survey reports. These integrations help you to expand beyond that are possible with surveys.

Integration with CRM

Integrate your CRM responses to explore what makes your customers satisfied and also help to achieve sales team effectiveness. With CRM you can use the contacts and accounts for sending out the surveys to your targeted audience

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Gauge Continuously

Don’t just stop with a single survey in a year? For most accurate feedback from your audience you need multiple data points. With our API Surveys you can integrate with your internal systems, with which you can Automate your work. By doing so, you can get better quality, minimize the costs and save time.

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View trends faster

Constant tracking will give you a feedback faster. With which you can always calibrate your marketing deeds, to follow up with your sales team processes and observe your customer support.

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