Hotel Feed back surveys

Explore from your customers

Engage with your customers regarding their stay at your hotel using our survey and gain absolute insights of customer’s experience.

Are your worried and curious to know the insights of customers experience in your hotel? Now look no further to tap in to use Eventsurevy360 for getting their potential feedback. With Eventsurvey360 you can run easy and simple guest satisfaction surveys and employee surveys to improve your profitability. Identify key factors of guests, employee feedback with our single Comprehensive solutions that tracks satisfaction and loyalty, and generates more revenue for your hotels.

Design customized survey in your own preferred language

You can start to build a survey from scratch or use our pre defined templates to customize as per your requirement. You can choose to prefer your own regional language for creating and sending a survey to get the more accurate feedback from your customers.

Multi channel communication to increase guest satisfaction

Eventsurvey360 uses multiple channels for communication with customers. Interact with your guests via these channels (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn) and our effective Email marketing tool. Hotels can quickly interact with their guests on their preferred channel to keep them informed about their real time offers and upgrades, acquire detailed customer insights and improve internal operations.

Gather feedback for better decision making

In order to gain the power of feedback for improving your business, you can able to view the responses in form of our powerful Analysis dashboard. This can help gather the feedback you get in form of reports and graphs which enable you to get the macro view of your customer’s experience, thereby giving you the detailed insight in your service efforts. This analysis can help to analyze the individual guest preferences and help you deliver a personalized service.

Improved customer engagement through incentivizing

Encourage your customer to provide their valuable feedback by rewarding them once they take up your surveys. This motivates the customers to give the accurate feedback and improves the customer engagement that drives to getting more revenue. Also when collecting feedback , hotel managers can expect the survey responses that alter to very negative or very positive, but this lets hotels recognize strengths to maintain and weak areas to improve the satisfaction of future guests.

Integrating Customer feedback on different platforms

Eventsurvey360 provides customers continuous feedback using API integration. We provide API access to integrate you customer feedback with CRM, Web analytics etc. When any customer posts any kind of feedback in these social media channels (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn) it will be placed in the CRM, Web analytics etc.

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