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Powerful, Flexible online surveys

Eventsurvey360 provides you with the more flexibility in the design, web based surveys to use in your business. Organizations can rapidly evolve a variety of customized surveys adapted to the targeted audience. You can send instant emails to a group of audience or to an individual instantly using our inbuilt email marketing tool. Even complex evaluations, such as 360 degree feedback reviews can be easily managed through an online feedback system.

Eventsurvey360 provides you with an ease of creating a wide variety of events that are less time consuming, that are affordable, and get the results faster. Attendees can redeem the rewards won taking Surveys using our comprehensive Marketplace.

Simple to Use

You needn’t spend an ample of time on help articles to understand on how to use our tool. It is simple to understand and even easier to use.

Cost Effective

Using online survey tool, obviously it reduces the set up and the administration costs. You will save money on postage and you don't have to dedicate time and resources to enter the information into a database. Responses are instantly processed and the answers are accessible at any time.

SaaS or API Integrations

Survey data stays safe and secure on our global cloud servers. And it provides the access to integrate with the enterprise solutions like Customer Relationship Management, web analytics etc.

Email Validation

Instant emails can be sent to a targeted group of people or to an individual’s using our email marketing tool. All the spam emails are being taken care using email validations.

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