Event feedback

Event Feedback

Use our surveys to gather potential feedback on the event you just conducted and analyze how effectively it was received. Event feedback helps you to plan, organize and host successful events.

Any event demands multiple layers of team work, follow up’s, planning, execution and conclusion. After the event is over, ‘you’ think it was great but are you aware what the attendee’s think? Many a times it is assumed that, the event is over once the last of the guest leave, but it is simply not true. Seasoned event professionals will agree that the success of an event is not the number of participants alone

Why Event Survey?

The number of guests for the event is not the measuring scale for the success of the event. One of the most forgotten part of the event is the event evaluation. If you have had 100% attendees who participated in your event to showcase your brand new product for your organization, but only 15% of the people actually understood its features, your event was not a success, even after all the 100% participated actively.

Event evaluation is the key to understand if your event objectives are met and helps in documenting the learning, which helps you to improve your performance for the next event. The goal of your event survey feedback is to figure out if your event has met expectations for sponsors, attendees, exhibitors and speakers.

Tips to design an effective event survey

The challenge is to draft a questionnaire that helps you to ask the right questions to get the desired answers. While designing the survey, you need to ensure that the survey questionnaires are short. Most of the people do not wish to spend more than 8 - 12 minutes when completing the survey. You need to ensure you ask only value driven question and avoid repetitive questions or information that you have already gathered during the session.

Ensure you mix up the question types, to avoid monotony and keep you attendee engaged. Don’t focus only to collect the positive feedback, ensure there are questions which give you scope for improvement. Eventsurvey360 is the one point contact for you to design and get feedback, which helps in developing your business. The professionally designed templates enable you to custom design the questionnaire from simple to intense surveys, for attendee’s experiences and feedback on the speakers. Our event feedback templates will provide event planners with the information to improve the upcoming events and continue to impress their event attendees.

Eventsurvey360 Rewards

Rewarding the participant is where Eventsurvey360, is set apart from all the other popular survey websites. Here you can reward the attendees by giving away the rewards, based on the selection criteria that you have set Eventsurvey360 reward options are

  • Cash Rewards
  • Product Rewards
  • Reward Points

This will not only motivate the attendees to participate in large numbers, but also can ensure that they will give you genuine and prompt answers, which will help you to plan your next event.

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