Build a better Event Experience

An interactive tool that enables you to organize better events.

Get your attendees interactive by gathering valuable event inputs with online surveys to gain better insights.

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Plan and organize a successful event

Plan an event and make it successful with our premium services. From real time polling to surveys,selling tickets to engaging your attendees with questions about the event, ratings to raffle tickets, you get it all at EventSurvey360.

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Declaring the aim of an Event

Especially declaring the cause of the event initially of the survey is primilarly important. By doing so, attendees participating in the event will have a clear cut idea on the subject of the survey. It’s important to incorporate the branding of the product on all the pages. Eventsurvey360 helps you to achieve this by providing the information like the event description, Event type and Categories while creating an event.

Gather all the inputs you require

What is a better way to know about the expectations attendees have from your events, than just asking them directly? With EventSurvey360 surveys, you can gather all the input you need to make your event the talk of the town. Use these after the event to analyze how much your efforts paid off by asking attendees about their experience.

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Customized survey

Customized surveys allow you to incorporate branding elements. Form customized themes to appending your logos on the pages, you can do all you want to create an impact on the audience. There are also various question types to choose from that can help you understand the opinion of your attendees.

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Make your next Event a success.

When planning and performing the events, Eventsurvey360 is an ideal platform for receiving an effective responses or feedback from the customers which is vitally important.Be it a business event, seminars, conferences or trainings,attendees feedback is the most significant part in understanding the requirements and expectations of the target market for the further success in the business in creating business and marketing plans.

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Streamlined Email Marketing efforts

With streamlined email marketing, it’s easy to send instant marketing emails i.e. event survey links to a group of attendees or to an individual at one go. Use the right marketing tools to reach out to your audience and provide them with all the information you can about the event, so they make informed opinions and decisions.

Reward your attendees

They filled out the survey? Now reward them for taking part in it. You can choose the reward based on various selection criteria. Choose among cash, credit points, products.The rewards can be redeemed through the Market place and they can choose among options such as tickets, products and services that are provided in the market place.

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