Employee engagement

Build an effective, more happier
and productive work culture

Employee engagement survey with Eventsurvey360 is the best platform,
for your employees to share their feedback with you.

How useful is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement survey is truly the most common way for the management to make an analysis on what their teams think of their jobs and the firm that employs them. Employee engagement represents the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization. By engaging with your employees on a regular basis motivates your employees to put in extra effort for their organization. It also makes your employees to have a sense of ownership and responsibility, when they are given an opportunity to contribute their opinion to the organization.

By keeping your employees engaged, management can get the information that will benefit their employees as well as improves their company standards. These surveys provide the opportunity to the employees to voice their issues that management is ignoring


Our professional surveys will help you build effective surveys or use our pre defined templates for an easy set up which will further help your organizations to gain actionable insights from your employees.

Earn Employee intuition you require with Eventsurvey360

Collective Feedback

Collect anonymous feedback which thrives to a more potential and honest responses. Further which leads to lead to higher levels of productivity which will result in more profits for the organization

Team Work

With the team work you can improve efficacy and cooperation among your company employees. It ensures how well your employees work in their teams so you can keep your employees engaged and happy.

Parent’s satisfaction surveys

Are the parents receiving on time feedback about their child? Are the parents kept informed about their child exam patterns, course curriculum, extra-curricular activities, facilities, teaching quality? Conduct anonymous surveys to parents for the long term retention of their child in the school.

Performance assessment

Evaluate your employee performance to gauge the effectiveness and recognize individual training and development requirements.

Expand your employee growth

Collect feedback on the training sessions and development programs so that will lead to employee growth and keeps your workforce happy.

Motivate your employees through Eventsurvey360 rewards

Eventsurvey360 has the right tools and easy to use employee templates designed just for you. You can, not only get the insight into your employee’s perspective but can also reward them. This Win-Win option is available only with Eventsurvey360.

Eventsurvey360 has come up with a unique feature of rewarding your employees, for participating in the survey. There are different options to reward your employees

  • Cash Rewards
  • Product Rewards
  • Reward Points

All this can be done with a simple registration on the website, select your rewarding criteria, which can be done by you or our expert team will help you.

Satisfied and motivated employees will increase customer satisfaction, which will positively influence the organization’s performance.

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