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Easy to Use

Eventsurvey360 made simple

Eventsurvey360 software allows you to craft beautiful surveys with in short span of time making use of the customized features in single screen (font, logo, colors, background, and customized themes). Not sure what questions to ask? You can also use built in templates for preparing a questionnaire which can be one click copied from template for sending out to the targeted audience rather than spending an ample of time every time. Our online survey creator is fast, free and fully customizable.

  • The amount of error is extremely reduced with online surveys because participants enter their responses directly into the system.
  • You can view the results in real time so that you can react to it instantly; reports can be created using bar graphs and pie charts for further analysis and share your results with others.
  • You can offer a reward for filling out a survey to reach a higher response rates.
  • It is easy to redeem the rewards in our own website through marketplace using points, cash and crypto’s or evens a products.
  • Surveys can be easily distributed through multiple channels like email marketing tool ,QR codes ,Iframes and social networking sites (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn) using a single share button.
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